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VIDEO SERIES:    The Fourth Industrial Revolution:  A Sound Solution to the Economic Crisis



PART 1:  Money as an Instrument of Government

PART 2:  Historic Examples of Government Monopolized Money

PART 3:  Contrast Between the Great Depression and Today

PART 4:  Common Solutions and Why They Won't Work

PART 5:  A Solution That Will Work - Preservation of Community Based on the 4th Industrial Revolution

PART 6:  Necessary Components for Community Sustainability

PART 7:  Our Future Under the 4th Industrial Revolution

PART 8: Implementation of the Model

Transcripts in PDF



Welcome to Community for Tomorrow where our vision is to build economically stable and sustainable communities through the implementation of next generation technologies. 

The primary purpose of our website is to reach those of you who understand the gravity of our present financial situation in order to introduce you to our solution which we call "The Fourth Industrial Revolution." 

For an overview of this solution, we invite you to watch our Video Series: The Fourth Industrial Revolution:  A Sound Solution to the Economic Crisis.  If you prefer, transcripts and/or audio are also available for free download. 

Material supporting the various technologies is available under the Educational Resources section.  We have made some recommendations for material from outside sources, however all of the material prepared and provided by Community for Tomorrow is freely available for use in promoting this message as long as any text is used in its entirety and in proper context. We also ask that you give complete recognition to  Community for Tomorrow as the source and provide a link to our website.

Those of us who understand what we're facing have a responsibility to work together in order to provide the leadership necessary to  prepare our communities for the coming financial disaster.   As you watch the videos and begin to understand our vision and what needs to be done to achieve it, we hope that you will want to be a part of this great work. 








EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES:            A collection of mostly free internet-based articles, videos, websites and books in support of the next generation technologies that will make the fourth industrial revolution possible.






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